Who or What is Chaz's Arcade you may ask. 

This is not my day job, it is a HOBBY. A PASSION. I enjoy restoring Arcade Games, Playing Arcade games, and going to Arcades around the world. 

My Name is Chaz Hawkins. My day job consists of being a Family Man, but also, running a print shop. So I thought to myself.... we have plenty of Arcade shops that sell amazing art. We don't need another. Instead, why not offer some other items to you guys that could be used in this hobby. That could be something to help with a restore, a custom sign, aluminum cut outs, YOU NAME IT! 

I am not here to re-create, or sell Arcade Art Repros etc ( Which I can, but that is not the main focus ). But, instead to offer something a little different to the community and at the same time help my "brand". I have always enjoyed creating something for others to see and enjoy. What matters most to me, is the few who LOVE what I do, and like to follow my journey. 

So, welcome to the all new website. Do not forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and FB. Chaz's Arcade Youtube CLICK ME!

And most of all, 

Thanks for the Support!